Fixed Fee Accounting

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Spreads the cost, fixes the cost - simple and transparent!
— Kris Clayton

There's something reassuring about knowing how much a service will cost before you sign up.

Accountancy is often seen as a service that is difficult to gauge because of the specialist knowledge and ever changing rules that affect business and personal taxation. How much will it cost? Never quite sure... until the bill arrives...

At Clayton CCA we take a different view - we like to be transparent and straightforward about our fees.

No more surprises...

No more surprises...

All the expertise, business experience, accounts and taxation knowledge you need, on tap against a simple fee menu

We've itemises service packages for Sole Traders and Limited Companies that also include the cost of adding extra services as you need them.

The packages all include online bookkeeping software so it's a "one-stop-shop" solution that also helps manage your cashflow by paying monthly.

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